Injectable steroids: properties, varieties

Injectable steroids are in high demand, especially among athletes, bodybuilders, and powerlifters. With their help, an athlete has the opportunity to significantly improve his sports performance and get a beautiful body in a short time. Basically, to increase muscle mass, anabolic steroids are used, which provoke the active growth of muscle fibers. It is believed that AAS (abbreviated) are drugs of synthetic origin obtained from testosterone, which, as you know, is one of the main male sex hormones.

It has been proven that any drug of steroid origin has both anabolic and androgenic activity. The latter is often underestimated to reduce the risk of side effects. AAS, anabolics, steroids, pharmaceuticals, it’s all the same concept. The drugs come in a variety of forms, but the most common are oral and injectable forms. Athletes’ opinions on which is the best choice are constantly divided. The oral form is more suitable for beginners who do not yet know how to make injections.

Professional athletes are more likely to use injectable steroids. They have less toxic effects on the liver and should not be taken as often as tablets. It should also be noted that steroids can be stored without difficulty and special equipment. Store them in a dry, dark place at room temperature. There is no need to put anabolic steroids in the fridge.

What is the benefit of the injectable form of AS?

In order to determine which of the forms of steroids is the most convenient and convenient to use, as well as effective, it is necessary to decide on their benefits. To give preference to injections, you need to discuss their merits. One of the most important positive properties of injectable steroids is the lack of toxic effects on the liver.

The pills have a stronger effect on the liver cells and can cause significant dysfunction of the organ. The oral form of the substances undergoes an alkylation process that allows them to stay active for the prescribed time and not get destroyed in the digestive tract. This creates a toxic effect. After injection, the substance immediately enters the bloodstream and general circulatory system without passing through the liver separately.

Because of this, anabolic steroids of this type are more effective than pills. In addition, most of the drugs in the ampoules have a long duration of action, which guarantees rare injections. The only downside is the difficulty of administering the drug in the absence of experience and mild pain.

Variety of steroids in ampoules

According to the type of base, steroids for ampoules are divided into two types: oil-based solutions and water-based suspensions. The last group includes two drugs: Testosterone Suspension and Winstrol. These AS are dissolved in water. The list of the first group includes many substances and varieties of steroids. All active ingredients are “planted” in a solution of purified vegetable oil, grape seeds, etc. Basically there is no difference.

Injectable steroids for bulking

When we talk about which injectable steroids are the most effective for bulking, they are long-term drugs that contain testosterone, nandrolone decanoate and trenbolone. The newest anabolic is the strongest at the moment. You must remember that the stronger the AAS, the greater the risk of side effects. With the help of all these drugs, you can not only gain weight, but also significantly increase performance parameters.

Testosterone preparations are characterized by a high ability to retain fluids in the body and, for example, boldenone with trenbolone has this ability in a minimal amount. However, the latter two have negative progestogen activity. All these negative aspects can be eliminated with the help of suitable auxiliary substances, for example aromatase inhibitors.

High quality injectable anabolic steroids

By high-quality steroids, we mean those drugs that practically do not cause side effects in the form of irritation after injections, abscesses, and, as a result, temperature. They are typically used by athletes to shorten or enhance quality cycles and they really work as they should.

This is a fairly large group of drugs, which include: Winstrol, Primobolan, Boldenone, Masteron, etc. Winstrol is widely used by weightlifters and powerlifters to increase performance parameters without gaining mass. In addition, it is very effective in cyclic sports as it helps increase endurance.

For many pro builders, Trenbolone Acetate is the best drug for cutting. It not only burns fat effectively but also promotes muscle growth. Also, a short ester of the male hormone – a test – needs to be included in the group of high quality injectable AAS. propionate.

This is an excellent steroid for beginners to use for their first AAS cycle.

Boldenone is no less popular in professional sports. With a well-designed way, it can be used to get rid of a large number of fatty tissues and increase muscle mass. This preparation is also suitable for athletes of any level of preparation. Combining the drugs of this group with a mass gain course, you can achieve excellent results both in terms of mass quantity and quality.